Gadget vicar has a piece on his blog about the orange order in scotland. On the news tonight, riots have happened in nothern ireland, at the end of an orange march. This got me thinking.

The one thing that really gets me about living in the part of glasgow I do, (the Ibrox area) is the amount of orange walks that go on around our house. Due to the proximity of our house to Ibrox stadium, (home of Rangers Football Club), it seems every orange walk in Glasgow goes by our house. Mostly on a saturday morning.

Today the orange walk went by about 10.30am. It lasted half an hour. The drums and flutes were playing and the house was disturbed. Jacob was feeding so it didn’t wake him up. Thankfully.

I get sad when I think about how much football is tied up with extremes of what could be called religious symbolism. The church at partick, (the one I used to work for), constantly has orange marches go by the church during sunday worship times. It usually happens during a prayer or the sermon. I did laugh the last time they went by the church they were playing the tune “Stop the bus, I need a wee-wee*” (*slang for relieveing oneself of urine)
The Minister said he was proud that the elders of the church had chosen to reject a recent request by the orange order to march to the church and join a service there.

I don’t know enough about this stuff except it disturbs me. Something good can be used for bad. but this stuff in glasgow is very devisive to the point of being almost evil.

“I was in glasgow recently, or as we Irish call it, Belfast-Lite”
Dara O’Brian, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2005

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