beer for church

Alcohol and the church have an interesting history. Instances of drunkenness in the bible include, Noah, Lot, Nabal, Uriah, Belshazzer and more.
Jesus turned water into wine – John 2:1-11
Jesus was called a Lush (or drunkard in other translations) – Matthew 11:16-19
The people thought the disciples when the holy spirit came were drunk – acts 2:11-13
some churches disapprove,
some approve,
some are abstinent
some use a quality port for communion, (I must blog that story sometime.)

Very few churches inspire their own beer though.
A few weeks ago I was discussing with a minister his plans for Christmas, He told me the church had agreed to a plan of his. The plan is to cancel the 11-12 service on Christmas eve, in the church and have a “Beer and Carols” session in the pub next door. The Beer and Hymns event’s are one of the most popular things at Greenbelt. Where a thousand or so people in the beer tent, drink beer, and sing hymns to someone on a piano.

Anyway the pub had said yes and the church had said yes. But his real excitement was that a local brewery had heard about the Idea and were perhaps interested in brewing an ale for the event named after the church. Well they have only went and done it.

Special Ale to mark service in the pub

I like this idea.
I am not available, unfortunately, to be in Perth on Christmas eve, but if you are and wish the wet the babies head, so to speak, I think an interesting spiritual experience could be in store.