be last, put others first – values and principles 3

This post is number four of an occasional six part series on my personal values and principles;
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be last, put others first

Okay I may shamelessly blagged this one from the press coverage of Jesus but frankly, it’s pretty cool right. So how do i do this.

On saturday I let people into the lift before me even though i had queued longer.
At university I try and hold the door open for people before I go through.
I try at walk at the back of a group.
I try and be late where/when possible/acceptable.
I let cars out in front of me, except if the other car is better than my car, then they can wait.
Trying to think about cool and useful presents where possible.
Saying please and thank you
Listening and thinking before speaking.

In general trying to embody being last, physically and mentally putting others first.
I like doing this.