BBc strike

The bbc strike really knocked my radio listening for six today.
My day s on a BBC timeframe as is my listening Habits it goes something like this
wake up til 9am -five live
9-9.30- radio one
9-9.30 radio scotland
9.30-12.00 radio two
12-1pm five live
1pm-4pm five live
4pm-5pm radio 1
5pm- 6pm radio 4
6-7.30pm radio scotland
7.30pm onwards five live.

five live was a joke today.
radio scotland didn’t fare much better.
radio 4 without PM. It was like BBC 2without newsnight.
Radio 1 is okay but I can only take short burst before i get truely annoyed and switch off.

Thank God for Ken Bruce. He fortunately is a great presenter and his show can seem effortless in it’s presence.

Thanks ken. Today was hopeless without you.

Perhaps i need to listen to commerical radio aagain.

then again perhaps not.
(Dominik diamond is really good on Beat 106 on saturday afternoons)