An Apple A Day…

Last night(monday) I spent a huge amount of money and bought one of the 17 inch widescreen MacBook Pro’s. I upgraded the memory to 2GB and made my order. Being a student I got it through apple education shop. It was still expensive though!

But Beautiful

I came home today from college to find out the news, that Apple today(Tuesday), in their wisdom have lauched the new Macbook Pro with a better Intel chip in the 17 inch model.


I opened my email to find an e-mail from the apple shop telling me this. That was nice of them. The e-mail informed me that my order would be automatically upgraded to the new MacBook Pro, meaning I get the better machine with larger CPU and stuff at no attional cost to myself.

Excellent again.

here is a picture to drool over. (I am getting the one on the right.)

Delivery 14 days away (or earlier)