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Hi there.

Scott Paget here, just wanted to share the stuff below with you…

In December 2005 I got an e–mail telling me I had won a competition. The
Competition run by Greenbelt Arts Festival in partnership with CMS,
(Church Missionary Society) was to take part on the blog set up on the
Greenbelt website, (the blog is to reflect the festivals values and
ethos all year round.) The competition was to write three 200-word
pieces on three issues, Art, Justice and Faith. I had entered, I thought
I had done all right; I didn’t think I would win.

I did

The prize was a trip to Africa for a week or something the do some work
or something. I had glanced over the information when I entered but not
really thought about it. It is slightly bigger than that.The purpose of
this E-mail is give you information about the trip, what I will be
doing, How you can keep up to date with us and to ask you to pray for us.

The trip

The trip is a part of the CMS Encounter program. This program is an
opportunity for Young People (Yes, I still qualify) to go to another
part of the world and encounter a culture, which is alien. Once there
the team do whatever we are asked to do by the local people. But it is
set up to be all about relationships – “with God, with local Christians
and with your fellow team members”


I am going out as part of an 8-member team. 5 females, 3 males. We have
had two get together weekends and went over a lot of stuff about culture
and how we will need to help each other in a foreign culture. The team
is Jim and Ruth S (leaders), Alice, Cat, Jenn, Ruth W, Matt and Myself.
You can see a picture of us all here. (I have curly hair in the photo!)

What are we doing

I leave on Wednesday the 26^th July from Heathrow, then fly to Tanzania
Via Ethiopia
Attached is a word file with a rough schedule for what we are doing out
there. In particular we are plastering a church for 3 days. We are also
seeing the work of Andy and Suzie Hart who are mission partners with CMS
in Tanzania. I am particularly curious about the Project that turns
elephant dung into Christmas Cards. Anyway the rough outline of our time
there is for all to see.

What I am doing

A Part of winning the Competition, when I come Back I will be writing a
piece for The DIFD, (Department for International Development) on the
topics of Trade Justice and Poverty based on what I see and stories I
hear in Tanzania. This will require a lot of reflection, thought and
wisdom in order to do the piece justice. I am also contributing at the
Greenbelt Festival in a couple of ways this year.

What to Pray for

Well everything really. (You think of it, pray for it.)
But specifically, I guess for the Team as we travel from a Western
existence to a world that will jar can contrast with our own quite
severely. To have unity and strength, in order to support and care for
each other in a new situation would be helpful.

For my family I leave behind. Helen and Jacob will also have an
experience while I am away. Thank god for how good Helen is with Jacob,
but that over an extended period of time strength patience and support
would be there for my family.

For me, I don’t really know how I will cope. I think I should be okay
but I am prepared for so much to think about that I miss something
vital. Pray for clarity of thought, swisdom when thinking about things,
and an ability to take it all in. something about Elisha’s servant comes
to mind.

*_So what now._*

Well between then and now I am doing some youthwork at The Carberry
Festival, (a small art festival based near Edinburgh,) not really
leaving a lot of time should anything go wrong. Your prayers would be
appreciated during the next 30 days or so as things happen

Keeping in Contact

I can get emails while in Scotland if you wish to reach out through the
virtual interactive superhighway thingy. In Tanzania I have been advised
their will be 2-3 hours electricity a day so e-mailing/blogging may be
out of the question. I won’t have a mobile phone so text is also out.
The team are aiming to send an e-mail update to people once a week if
possible. It will be published at the Team Tanzania Blog: –
Comments can be left here for the team generally or specific members.

I will also try and get these on my blog somehow!

I am really excited about going to Africa. I suppose I never thought I
would have to opportunity to travel there, and to have to opportunity to
do this and then possibly contribute to the government’s attitude/
actions directly is a massive opportunity.

Well thank you for reading this far.
I hope you are well and happy.

It’s late.
I am tired and I need to stop now.
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Scott Paget

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