#adventblog2012 blog 15 – the warmth of the light

On saturday I spent time shopping.

It wasn’t as bad a previous years
I went to large out of town shopping centre which had parking and shopping numbers felt lower than previous years. I liked it being quiet.

I find its a bit other worldly to shop at christmas, I don’t know what it is, but it makes me feel weird.
I wonder what if this other worldliness is a conscious thing on my part, or subconscious reaction to everything. I wonder?

I wonder if it is something to do with light in these places. It is an unnatural light, it glows and shines. The glow of the centre shines of the floor and is reflected off all the glass. I feel uncomfortable with it. The warmth of the light has been lost, the light is brilliant and pure (ish), but it has become hollow and cold. Perhaps i am over thinking this?

day 15’s moment of Christmas Music Zen
The Singing Kettle, The Singing Kettle News Christmas Special (1997)