#advent2012 blog 9 – Fern Britton & questions of faith and belief

so much to do

today was listening to fivelive when they interviewed Fern Britton. Fern is currently doing a serries of interviews on BBC sunday mornings, her interview with John Barrowman was very good. I hadnt realised this actual was part of the BBC religious and Ethics department output.

anyway she had a wee reflection on belief and faith which you can listen to here.
lots of wee questions for this.
Does athieism take more/the same/less faith than a theistic belief?
Do we all beleive something even if we beleieve in nothing
Are some people unable to deal with lving without a belief structure and others not?
and others

It is unexpected for fivelive to provide these questions.

anyway off to paint the roof beams in a room, while bruce willis celebrates christmas by not dying on the TV.

Barenaked Ladies – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen