#advent2012 blog 8 – the essence of christmas

On sunday at youthgroup in order to think about the essence of christmas, I asked the young people stroke and feel imaginary rocks. They did this and it was hilarious. the main point of this random crazyiness was to extract the essence of what chirstmas is all about. We have three great suggestions, which I present here for you.

3 – Go Go Jesus, its your birthday, and a constapation face for Mary.
(reflecting the lovely bit for jesus birthday, but reminding us all of the reality of Mary giving birth to a baby.)

2 – Chirstmas, it puts a smile on your face.
(who wouldn’t smaile at presents and the birth of the sweet little baby jesus)

1 – Chirstmas. It gets very depressing after Herod gets involved.
(lovely chirstmas has a nasty underbelly and some desperite characters.

I quite like it gest very depressing after Herod gets involved. I might use that next year.

Days 8s moment of Christmas music zen.
Greg Lake – I Believe In Father Christmas