#advent2012 blog 3 – Watch

todays advent reading centres on watching, being alert, keeping a look out for what is happening.
these are the things i watched today.

– my children open their advent calenders togther
– my son play with some older children at the bus stop.
– a friend value my ideas and opinions.
– life come into a project
– the joy and wonder of playing with ice/snow on the street.
– the care of a mother feeding her baby
– the disappointment on a childs face when the parent interferes with their plans.
– a lady and her mother laughing at how my daughter talked to me.
– someone double park and block me in.
– the look on their face when i asked them to move.
– the joy of answering the door to someone you love.
– the train arrive.
– the wall I painted
– falling snow
– my children playing.

nothing spectacular, but the thing i watched today. I saw more, but these things i watched.

Days threes moment of Christmas music zen
Michael Bublé – “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”