#advent2012 blog 22 – go get Snow Angels by @overtherhine (for free)

snow angels

Christmas is a time for tradions.
I have a few. One of the most important ones revolves around music. music is very important to me and something I take an interest in. The tradion marks the advent period.

The first day of advent should be marked, by listening to ‘The Darkest Night of the Year’ by Over The Rhine. Christmas Eve should be marked by playing ‘Snow Angels’ by Over the Rhine.

It is hard to describe how i feel about this one. The Darkest night of the year is an intense brooding album which neatly reflects the period of waiting before christmas day. Snow angels is an album of beautiful christmas songs. Keeping away from the standards, but keeping to the standard of high quality songwriting which has helped them to sell hundreds of thousands of records. Snow angels is tonic as you prepare for the big day itself.

the blurb says

While Snow Angels is actually Over the Rhine’s second Christmas album (they released The Darkest Night of the Year in 1996), it contains far more original material than their first holiday release of traditionally non-traditional interpretations. Karin’s slinky vocals and Linford’s deft instrumental wizardry allows Snow Angels to glide and weave through 12 tracks of emotionally rich seasonal songs. Some are festive, some are romantic, some are sentimental, and some are even downright sad, but they are all uniquely warm and resonant.

SO why not join me
for the past month ‘Snow Angels’ had been available for free. given away by the band through the noisetrade website. If you havent come accross noisetrade its a legal download site. Musicians can release full albums, EP’s Samplers or whatever. They get your email address so they can inform you of future releases/concerts and if you feel inclined you can ‘tip’ them some cash for the album you have recieved.

so what are you waiting for.
Snow Angels by Over The Rhine free download at Noisetrade

day 22′s moment of Christmas Music Zen
Over The Rhine – All I get For Christmas is Blue