#Advent2012 blog 19 – Endless movement while remaining stationary.

Rocking Cow

today I went to the nursary nativity play. It was fun, the children acted and sang well. It was simply done, with a good dose of songs. there was one moment in paticular which got me. The kings/wisemen/magi were sent on there trip to find the baby jesus. they got on their camels and rode for the length of a song. The camels were 3 decorated rockers like the one pictured above and for the length of one song the three kings went rocking for all they were worth.

What perpetual hell to be put in. The kings were told to go on a journey, we sing the song about the kings going on a journey, yet the kings were kept stationary. All around we sung about how they were travelling with this important task. But the kings were kept stationary. I commented to one of my friends about this at the time, her comment was only I would see it this way.

It reminded me of the scene in Belleville Rendez-Vous where a kidnapped tour de france cyclist is put on a stationary bike and forced to cycyle while infront of him a large screen shows a steep hill climb from the tour. Philosophically this is part of the reason I have a problem with going to the gym, to use a cycle machine or a running machine, you run for miles, yet never leave the room. It has a disconnect about it.

As I thought about this the kings kept riding/rocking and I smiled, they were having fun.
it could be viewed that they was hamstrung and they were plainly not on the journey they were meant to make, and would be esteemed for making. or it could be viewed that they were practicing. Their Practice was to ride/rock and enjoy that. I wonder what it means to practice. I wonder if Practice and Play for childrena nd young people are actually 2 sides of the same coin. If they are indelably linked.

I wonder if as we grow and mature our ability to play, to practice in this way is lost. What does that mean for adults and the childlike faith thing. What does that mean for that thing entering the kingdom as a child? Does this have implications for how we care for our soul?


day 19′s moment of Christmas Music Zen
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