#advent2012 blog 18 – Cleaning Practice

sun over earth
Today was a cleaning day, clearing out the fornt room which we have been using as storage. it was good to free up the space. It is noticable just how different it feels with the glimpse of clear space. it feels goot to be in.
it feels big.
it feels calming.

when it was full of things
it felt busy.
if felt unwelcoming
it tight.

it was wasted. it was unclear. it was waiting.
the room now has clear space, we are a days work off clearing it.

I need to bottle these feelings of space, warmth and calmness. on days where cleaning is hard to be able to remind nmyself of what this feels like would be very valuable.

Of the books I am reading for my studines, You Must Change Your Life by Peter Sloterdijk,is agruing that there is a myth of a return to religion, (as per the new spirituality literature), ratherwe a re seeing a increasing significance of ‘the human as a practising, training being, one that creates itself through exercises and thereby transcends itself’.

His arguement is around practice as the space of engagement with spirituality in its horizontal sense, (an awareness and participation in things beyond the self, such as community or nature. contrasted with verticle spirituality, an engagement with something beyond or above human comprehension.)

I accept the practice agurment completely, as I think I operate under this understanding. I disagree with the verticle spirituality analysis, but from my background that to be expected. The church has a long and catholic tradition of practices which engage. My question i What these practices are for me, and for young people nowadays. I think cleaning and washing the dishes are two of the key practices which allow me time to connect wider. which is strange as they are solitary practices and I am aware i do not like to be disturbed when i am practicing!

I am also aware for young people this is a completely different ball game. the langauage, the fellings, the space for practice when you are practiceing becoming an adults is a weird process, yet must be approachable, observable and subject to investigation.

I am thinking I should introduce a new practice of a glass of wine, and the shipping forcast with a book in my hand.
I think that could be awesome.

day 18′s moment of Christmas Music Zen
The Blue Nile – Family Life (live)