#advent2012 blog 17 – I visited King Herod!


Spending time with a primary school is always challenging. I am a youth worker. Not a childrens worker. Since leaving school though i have been telling stories to primary school children, being involved with primary school helping/running primary school religious clubs. When I did my first youthwork training, I was told that youthworkers would work 60% of there time with children, in real work practice.

Yesterday, I attempted to workout what the story of Herod would say and look like for the children of a local primary school, yes all of them.
In 5mins.

The concept of looking at what questions the outsiders perspective within the christmas story provokes is one i really like. We took, The shepherds, the innkeeper, the wise men & King Herod, told the story, and attempted to ask the question of how we look outside our knowledge and experience to those who find Christmas a time of being an outsider.

King Herod’s story really is the dark underbelly of christmas. 12A at least. Being an outsider at christmas caused despair, a desperate act of vengeance, and ultimately grief and pain for thousands/millions of parents. I also liked the way that at christmas we dealt with dark issues. Children are resilient and deal with the unpleasantness of life in ways that adults have trouble with.

Being a little scared is essential to who we are, an awareness of tragedy and a wondering how to foster empathy is key to living in community. It is telling how many children’s films, start with the disaster which changed the future for the main characters. My favourite example of this in the very dark, very tragic, Lemony Snicket’s a series of unfortunate events.

I had the material, and i think i did it justice. Doing the story in 5mins I found tricky. I overran my time quite significantly. But I think it went well. I think I managed to get the story told with enough shades of darkness appropriate to each age group, and with practice in think it got quite decent. All the reports have been good so far.

day 17′s moment of Christmas Music Zen
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