#advent2012 blog 13 – Buy a Unique Christmas present, help out @solasfestival (fixed)

With Christmas round the corner, it can be hard to work out what to buy the person in your life who has most things they want. The lovely peeps at Solas festival‘s online auction may just have a couple of things which you find are just right here –
click here for Solas Festival Online Auction. At the last Solas Festival auction i bought something unique and it turned out rather well…

Last easter time I was struggling with what to by my wife for her birthday, afterall what do you buy the lady who agreed to marry me?
(insert your own joke about sympathy cards or flowers.) Solas Festival , possibly the best small festival in scotland, decided to have a fundraising auction around the same time. After an epic bidding war, I managed to win one of the offered lots in the auction.

I bought my wife an original fiddle composition. An origianl piece of music for her.

The process of bidding was easy enough, ebay is deliberately easy to bid on, and after I won I arranged for the Composer (Ron) and my wife to have a phone conversation. (You know the sort of conversation, Hi i am a musician and i need to write a song for you, Surprise!). He asked for her favourite bands, what type of feel the tune should have. After that information had been gathered, we waited with anticipation.

One day a large envelope can through the post. It had a beautiful piece of hand written music, and a CD of what the tune, entitled “a Tune for Helen”. We are very pleased and think it is bang on brief, an original fiddle composition, reflecting my wifes influences and likes musically. and you can listen to it now.

As presents go, I think this one was a bit of a corker. Considering it wa a private comission of an artist, it was not expensive. All the money also went to help support a small but beautiful arts festival, (which is a winning situation for everyone). So what are you waiting for, who knows what you will find – click here for Solas Festival Online Auction.

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