Advent 8 – fees for university

Fees for university.
I dunno what to think to be honest. I went to a private college which charged about £3300 per year. I got my government £1200 per year and had to pay the difference.

I am still paying off my student loan form that time but I got a job due to the successful competing of the course.

I also did a post graduate certificate while working full time. (not a year of relaxing then…) I was awarded a paid place on the course.

I felt really bad when one girl dropped out due to not having enough money to pay the fees. She was counting in getting a paid place.

I don’t know what’s right.
I do think the funding of higher education needs looked at. British institutions may have a certain cache but the ivy league is in a different league when it come to funding.

I guess I have a core belief in doing good things.
Free health care through the nhs. Good.
Free benefits for those who need. Good.
Free primary and secondary education. Good.
Free access to higher education. Good

I cannot get away from it being a really good thing.

I understand that it needs to be funded, and I understand that the Con-lib government is very committed to cutting things. To balance our books, (not the radical way I would do it but hey!)

Yet this seems a decision based on focusing britain on a service economy and buisness. It is focuses on money and not intangibles. Yet prime minister Cameron talks about the big community and of measuring happiness rather than GDP as a measure of how well the country is doing.

Who will look after –
If they go, where is society?

That’s disappointing.
That’s worrying.