advent 10 – Who is happy and when? – Happiness 2

Thomas Nagel writing in the New York review of Books, writes on happiness, his article reviewing two books on the subject of happiness. Exploring Happiness by Sissela Bok and The Politics of Happiness by Derek Bok. As reviews of the distills the two big books into a very readable essay.  (Ah, yes, on the blog i have quoted recently from the New York Review of Books, Financial Times and the Harvard Buisness Review.)

He poses the four big questions about happiness at the start of the article.
1 – What is Happiness?
2 – How much should we value it?
3 – What causes it?
4 – Should political institutions  try to create it, and if so, how?

the rest of the article is well worth a read, but I want to spend time with these questions for a while.
I wonder what this could lead to.