Advent 1 – albums of the year.

This year has seen some gorgeous records released. And narrowing down this list to about ten has been really hard. But narrow I did. (Well to twelve contenders.)

The rules, all music I heard for the first time is in during 2012 is in. Doesn’t matter when it was released originally. All quality control on this list is me. Apologies to those who didn’t make the list. This each album is judged on its own merits. Not individually.

Bloom by Beach house
– something otherworldly and dreamlike.

Heartbreaking bravery by moon face with Sinai
– Spenser Krug into a different genre with a different moniker and into my top ten

Is by Hey Ocean!
– a great pop record with harmonies agogo

Lost in transition by sixpence none the richer
– a stripped down, less is more version of sixpence’s pop loveliness.

Murmation by Jo Mango
– fragile loveliness with charm and distinction

Odd soul by Mutemath
– fantastic rock album. Very good indeed.

Port of Morrow by the shins
– Every song on this record hits the mark.

Rooms filled with light by fanfarlo.
– very enjoyable, shades of devotchka and the eighties.

Sugaring season by Beth Orton.
– just clicked for me in a way her earlier albums hadn’t

Swing lo Magellan by dirty projectors.
– another off kilter wonder around the indie stylings of dirty projectors

To the horizon, sir by Iain Morrison
– great album from Iain. Lovely work sir.

Where It Hits You by Jim White
– another album full of songs about a cock eyed state of grace.

Great list huh, but who will be the top three albums, well, keep your ears to the ground and you may just find out.

Days ones moment of Christmas music zen
Rocking around the Christmas tree by She & Him