I handed in my dissertation yesterday. 8000 words on the topic of Rights Based Approaches to youthwork.

I only have one submission so I hope it does okay and gets through. If so, I will have a Post Graduate Certificate in Community Education from Strathclyde University.
Now that has been done I have to I have to now write a 3 year report for my work and five hundred work article for the CMS website.

Busy, not as busy as you though.

Around 4 am on sunday morning I wrote my acknowledgement statement for the dissertation.

it read like this.

Thanks go to everyone associated with this dissertation in order of my random jumbled head

My wife, Helen, for guidance, patience, wisdom, help and generally being awesome at all times. I love you.

Jacob Ferguson Paget for laughing, distracting, being the best boy and loving so well. My family both Paget and Gemmell. My employers, Captain Sharon O’Connell, Captain Pamela Johnson and all The Salvation Army for being accommodating and encouraging. My university cohort. They surprise and challenge me regularly. Akwugo Emejulu – trust me, you challenge me everytime we chat. Your support has been great. The University staff. My friends, Jenn, Sarah, Rich, Fraser, Dionne.

And finally Team Tanzania and all the people I met during that experience. (including Martin Wroe at DFID, Paul Northup at Greenbelt Festival and Debbie James at CMS who made it all possible).

To the people who inspire me to change and become more radical.

I thank you.