Hello world.

My name is scott paget.

You are welcome to my small outpost on the world wide web. Feel free to explore, click the links above and see where you end up. Remember, I think you are great, you are my favourite. Here are some words about me, I would love it if you used the comments to tell me about you. Who are you?

Who I am
I am someone who makes mistakes, tries to live, tries to understand. I want to do better, i want to try harder, I want to believe down to the letter.
I am a husband, father, youth worker, music lover, TV watcher, reflective, believer, hopeful, friend, thinker, reader, webperson, inactive, active and more beside…
I actively choose to study, run and cycle.

What is Schelp.co.uk

Schelp.co.uk is the internet home of scott paget. It is his attempt at creating content for the internet. It is not particularly meant to be the busiest website on the internet, but does hopefuly carry with it some semblance of who Scott is and what he likes, considers important and some trivial frivolity.

All original images are owned, created and taken by scott paget. All other images are available either on a royalty free basis or creative commons licence. All images used in this way are the properties of the respective copyright holders.

All text is written by Scott Paget. (all mistakes, bad grammer and mistypes are his own owkr.)

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