A book I have Read -A Tale of Two Youth Workers: A Youth Ministry Fable

A Tale of Two Youth Workers: A Youth Ministry Fable – by Eric Venables

Due to the combination of having a birthday, and having an amazon wishlist, I managed to get some books i was looking forward to reading. SO I got this one and read it one evening!

This book is a fable around the clash of youth ministry ideologies. One Charactor Wes has just moved to a mega church style church and taking one approach with a large youth group. And Britt an older youth worker who has a much smaller group. and their conversations as they discuss youth ministry and how it is done.

some obersvations

It was a good book. The story is readable. It is short enough to read in one sitting, (It takes about 2hours to read this book, while watching TV.) and I know what the book was trying to get me to realise at the end.
It helped to reinforce some of the things i believe and how i try to work.

Two small things bugged me about the book.
firstly the story struggles to stop feeling like an illustration for the points the author was trying make. It felt like a youthworkers story with the points signposted so everyone knows what you are meant to know by the end.
secondly chapter end with statements like this.
“What neither of them knew is how significant both Melanie and Britt would become in their lives – but not in the way they imagined.”
Stop it. It’s just bad to do that. I think the term bad comes to mind.

anyway I don’t read much fiction, but I did enjoy this, despite my frustrations. It was a fun easy read, which made me laugh at points, feel better about the work i do and glad about the fact i had read it again. Interestingly (for me) it used some of the language I had been using to describe my way of working over te last 5 years almost term for term.

so if you can read it, it is a decent read if you are interest in youth ministry.