A Blog Competition

What is it with bands and holidays?

Reading Paste Magazine (April May 06) they carried an interview with The Flaming Lips which was conducted upon the cruise “Xingolati” or “The groove cruise of the Pacific” you have The Flaming Lips, Medeski Martin and Wood, G Love and Special Sauce, Banyan, and DJ Logic. Now not really a shabby line up if you like a certain form of music.

So I was searching on the Internet and checking when the Barenaked Ladies are next in town, only to see that the good ship Barenaked Ladies are sailing themselves, yip a 4 day cruise round the Caribbean with The Barenaked Ladies. And others prices start at 450us to 2000us and is all-inclusive.

Then I was doing something else and I wandered onto the


website. Marillion don’t do cruises but they do take over a CentreParcs on the continent Holland I think this year and have four nights, of concerts and activities during the day including your change to meet the Band.

First off how middle class is that, yeah lets go cruising with “the Ladies” or “the Lips”. But at the same time the allure of travelling by sea is quite big. Marillion I do think have sensibly analysed their demographic and decided Continental CentreParcs probably is the most suitable option.

This does of course give us a new game.

If you have the chance to torpedo one ship, and do away with 4 bands and their fans, which bands/genre of music would you choose?

Answers in the Comments section please. Best answer wins a fabulous prize worth real money!!!