700 (and 1)

(sony MDR700 headphones. Which travel in my box)
I just noted that the last post i made was post number 700 on the blog. Hurrah. (It was also the first blog post i have made from an Ipod touch!)

helpfully wikipedia details some of the key facts from the year 700

North America
* The Mount Edziza volcanic complex erupts in northern British Columbia, Canada.

* The Beverley Grammar School is founded by St. John of Beverley.

* Musa bin Nusair defeats the Berber army in Algeria, ending resistance against the Arabs there.
* Mohammad ibn Alashath revolts against Abdul Malik ibn Marwan in the Sistan and Balochistan regions.

* The copper deposits of south Katanga are mined and traded by the Bantu.

so yeah where would we have been without the year 700. Here strarts to the assault up to 1000 posts huh! (imaging the cool stuff that happened in the year 1000).