33 going on 34

Tomorrow is my birthday. (Historic Scott!), anyway I thought I would have a slight look back at year 33 and kinda review it.

I left a full time job for a mix of part time work, childcare and housework. That has worked well mostly. (my polishing still needs some work…)

I am a volunteer Director of Solas Festival and much of the 33rd year was taken up being site manager and licence holder for our first weekend event. It was busy and hectic, but also enjoyable within it’s hecticness. So good indeed we are doing it again this summer… (you should come.)

My main learning/thinking has been on the MSM course from Fresh Expressions.I ma enjoying it kind of. It is quite similar to work I have already done, but it is good to keep reminding yourself of good practice and how things can happen well.

Part of childcare has been transporting my children to swimming.
The boy can swim (kind of) and a huge step forward from being scared of water.
The girl goes to a baby and mother class, where I am the only male. (ditto the mother and toddler group).
I am quite conscious of being a man in that situation and my physical presence, and I wonder about how the woman feel about having a guy there.
It has been fun to be with my daughter though.

I went on a diet and from the 1st of September to the 25th of December, I managed to loose 3 stone exactly. Only 3 more to go.

I enjoyed meeting up with some friends and having good chats. I think I should do more of this.

Didn’t do enough of this.

I really enjoyed the music of
The National’s ‘High Violet’
Shearwater’s ‘The Golden Archipelago’
Anais Mitchell’s ‘Hadestown’
plus The Innocence Missions achingly beautiful ‘My Room In The Trees’

I also enjoyed seeing live music close up at Solas 2010
The National
Fyfe Dangerfield
And looking to Hadestown at Celtic Connections on friday…
(now if only I could get access to that after show party!)

I really enjoyed doing the work for the Laconic Hegemony mix. Might do some more of this.

I enjoyed getting the work done in the front room and playing at being foreman.
The double glazing has also been awesome.

In general
Year 33 has had downs as well as ups, but on balance the ups have it.
bring on 34. it can’t be that bad.
can it?