3 down 3 to go?

I have a personal trainer. I intend to lose a stone before the baby is born. I am seeing my PT 6 times in the next 10 weeks. To achieve this though I need to keep a complete food record. This is a bummer of an event to happen.I hate the idea of someone seeing and critising my bad habits.

I know there bad to be honest.

but I am not sure my condifence can really take someone confirming to me my habits are bad. I sometimes forget just how fragile I am. Stress makes me have a bad throat. Overworking makes me disagreeable, (so my wife tells me). My bad habits provide me with the ability to kid myself that I can do something to improve myslef.
I forget i am human. Asa youthworker I really put up with a lot of crap from young people, parents, teachers and whoever else feels it is their turn to make comment on me. (I was mistaken as a strange man chatting to children yesterday at school). I know I am not strong enough. I sometimes just need to chill and relax.

Since January 2004 I have lost 3 stones in weight.
My aim is to in the next year and a half to lose another 3 stones in total. This would make me lighter than I was in 1993 when I left school

That would be something cool.