20/11 songs – Laconic Hegemony, vol.6

The Chair.

Laconic Hegemony, vol 6 is available for download from Soundcloud or for listening to live here using the embed below.
Vol.6 is a collection of my favourite songs from 2011,

(The critera, to remind you, is any music I have heard for the first time in 2011. So the album may not have been released in 2011 but thats when I heard it, then it is in. I am not sure it is as random as previous efforts and perhaps not as ramshackle as previous mixtapes, but it is there for you.

For the best listening experience, try listening blind and a tracklisting will go up tomorrow or wednesday at some point.

(as a point of interest ‘REMembering’ Laconic Hegemony, vol.5 was never released publicly. but is available if you want it?)