2008 – a memoir, blighted by technical issues – part two


The tech life i lead is quite limited.

The Mac book Pro 17″ baby I use as the primary computer worked a treat it really did. this year this shire of a work horse powered, serenely and reasonably quickly through every task I set it. It really is an awesome piece of kit

The windows black box is being used less and less. Partly because it is in a spare room, and partly because it is not on the network (very thick old walls in the house.) I dislike this arrangement and have set myself a deadline of February to get this box online and raring to go.

My beloved Nokia E65 finally got consigned to the big box of old mobile phones marked for freecycle. It was grand. It did everything the n95 did/does but with only 2gb of memory and it looked like a wee phone which was very good thing. I believe that phones should look like phones.

The iphone is awesome. (although i cannot claim it looks like a phone!) Until you have one you really don’t get how a phone can be that revered. It looks stunning, the operating system is intuitive, there are only 5 buttons on the whole phone, the touch screen interface is wonderful. It really is a joy.
It does have niggles though. the camera is very bad, (long delay between pressing the button and picture capture, no focus, no zoom), and the bluetooth is terrible. Making an Apple phone with bluetooth connectivity which doesn’t connect through bluetooth to an Apple computer strikes me as somewhat remiss.

Online Life
I took my blog from blogger, as i don’t want all my data to be owned by google. (one email address is probably enough). Using wordpress and fooling about with Dreamweaver I came up with the somewhat unfinished http://www.schelp.co.uk/. it is nice but my wife doesn’t like it so a redesign is on the cards!

I have joined Twitter, remember the milk, ning, and a few other sites.

Iphone Apps
Oblique strategies from Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt is a simple set of statements on cards which can help jolt you out a hole. the idea is your doing something and get stuck for what to do to make it better or even when to start, you flick out a card and do what it says, my favourite on is is currently “do something boring”. On the Iphone it words very simply and on the iphone app you get all five editions of the pack. This is possibly my favourite app on the iphone so far.

I have been learning a bit more on Photoshop. Yeah I know it is “so last year” but you know it is worth it.
I have started using FireFTP, an add on to Firefox for my main Ftp stuff. it is very good, does everything i want it to and means you don’t need another window open on the desktop which is nice.

The main software has been upgrding for Mac OS 10.4 Tiger to Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. this has happened recently but suffice to say it is very nice but i did have some technical glitches with it. (But the computer now runs much faster and smother than before.)

Special mention has to go to the Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks – Mouse – laser – 5 button(s) – wireless – RF – USB wireless receiver I bought in January on the recommendation of my brother in law. I use it everyday. it is light, it is accurate, it is a superb bit of kit to be honest. I really love it

to be honest 2008 has been a reasonably good year. I am sure their is much more to say but to be honest, I cannot remember it all!

here’s wishing good tech to you all in 2009