2008 – a memoir, blighted by technical issues – part one

I wanted to present a list of my listening habits of 2008 unfortunately the technology employed to keep the list has a couple of things i need to iron out.
I submit the music i play on my computer to Last.fm, a site which collates all that data and keeps a track of what your playing and who listens to the same stuff you do. Unfortunately the computer with the majority of the music on it is not hooked up to internet so no records exists for that data. At work, and around the house, I use an Ipod Touch. Due to my reluctance to play apple for a software upgrade, this does not sub to Last.fm.

So with those things clarified, here are the top 25 (or so) bands/artists I listened to in the year of 2008
So as you can I am still well and truly in love with Over The Rhine.
Notable mentions for Radiohead and Steve Earle. The Innocence Mission who i didn’t think i listened to that much (Coldplay? Really?)
Also notable that my favourite artists for 2008 the mighty Alphabeat were played less than Aimee Mann, Neko Case, Kings of Leon, Regina Spektor and Death Cab for Cutie.
Also over 2008 I have made a conscious decision to get into rap music so well done to De La Soul at number 21.

the top 30 albums of 2008
Hem’s Funnel Cloud is an album i find it hard to fault in anyway, georgous, lush, melodic, quality, there is not one wasted note on that record.
Alphabeat – This Is Alphaat number 4 i really liked that album (did i mention that?)
Jenny Lewis’s Acid Tongue album at number 6, I am getting right into that album
Saturday Looks Good To Me’s Sound on Sound was a good wee album.
Special Mention to Elvis Presley whose Live in Las Vegas box set four discs have been collated separately from each other but otherwise would have have been top 2 this year.

Top 19 songs of 2008
Strangely for being the songs I played the most last year, I have no idea what either of the top two songs sound like. I can pretty much sing the top 15 in my head and know most of the words but the top two are scarily blank!

due to my incompetence at getting a wireless signal through three, meter thick solid walls and playing the £10 to apple to get the last.fm app on my ipod touch this is as accurate a record of my listening behaviour as I can possibly give you.

Wishing you a good sounding 2009