Why Buy Art?

at the greenbelt, i bought a picture of a worm.
Various people has asked why i would buy a picture of a worm saying “I am worm”

I could give you the biblical explaination and muse on the text of Psalm 22v6. I could give a youthwork explaination about how the worm quote in the bible above reflects the feeling of a lot of young people I have worked with, I could go on about how the artist, Simone Lia has been published in the Guardian and the Independent, and exhibited at the Tate. I could argue that instead of buying books and CDs I have bought something which is long lasting and will live with me.
I could…

But I like it. it makes me smile, it has two of my favourite colours, yellow and red, and i was able to afford it.

with reasoning like that, the reasons above all fall by the way side.