13for2013 – a Laconic Hegemony mixtape

13for2013 by Laconic hegemony, (my irregular mixtape), is out and available in the box below and on mixcloud.com, this is awesome because you can listen in the box below and also using the mixcloud app on your smart phone/tablet to enable listenings to the mixes wherever you can connect to the internets.

Remember the rules people, this the my favourite songs of last year, they don’t have to have been released in 2013 but they do have to been listened too for the first time (consciously) by myself during 2013.

LaconicHegemony13for2013 by Sch3lp on Mixcloud

Laconic Hegemony is my irregular mixtape, it comes out whenever I get the feeling, and usually the end of year is the time i get to it. I had gone slow on this one. I had been a bit reticent about the legality of making a mixtape and giving it away for download on the interweb. I mean I am all about the music and letting people hear stuff, but I wondered how much this would affect artists, and I am all for artists getting paid for their art.

In line with this new mix for the new year comes a new home, mixcloud.com, an internet start up trying to mix up hosting music and podcasts with a social network thing on it. The key advantages are, first they have done a deal with the PRS so all the artist get payed royalties, (). The second advantage is the availability of live streaming via the app to your smart phone. This streaming means we can get around the problem of downloading the mix which had provoked some of my previous discomfort.

I am hopeful it will do well and hopefully i will be able to do more soon. I also plan to upload the entire Laconic Hegemony back catalogue (including the mysterious never released Laconic hegemony 5 REMembering(?).

more soon.