10 Years Of Passion

ROME (Reuters) – Sony has apologized for an advertising campaign for its PlayStation game console which featured a young man wearing a crown of thorns with the slogan “Ten years of passion.”

dunno what to make of this one.
quite clearly it’s a play on Jesus and his legancy.
Also it’s a play on Mel Gibsons film of the passion.

But it is also an interesting twist on what has become a part of the western worlds cultural heritage. I suppose if you don’t believe in God why should you treat the story of Christ any different to the story of fairy’s or peter pan.

I guess we should be able to say that those who have ears will hear.

But then what if this causes people to be spiritually immunised therfore losing the space where the jarring message of Jesus suddenly becomes less potent.

I guess I am on balance nervous about this image and that attitude behind it.

guess we all have to make our own judgements on that one!

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