10 rules

At school yesterday we were asked to imagine the following senario;
on a plane trip to austrailia the plane crashes. the pilot dies and the survivors as washed up on a desert island. from this we were asked to work out what the rules we would make the group live by would be.

I was working 1 to 1 with a young person who came up with three rules. I came up with seven others (I had a fair idea where the session was going), so here fro you i present our rules for a group of survivors lost on a desert island somewhere.

1 – No eating people
2 – No murder.
3 – Only talk about yourself in the third person
4 – create tribes
5 – rotating leadership structure
6 – share food
7 – compusary fitness classes
8 – no ugliness
9 – national dance to be performed everyday.
10 – you must keep the rules

If you would like to come and live on our desert islan I am selling tickets at £1000000000.99 per person, available from the usual outlets!