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Notes – probably the simplest notes taking system, interfaces well with the e-mail programme.
Oblique Strategies – Oblique strategies is a pack of cards which provide alternative ways forward. Developed in 1975, Peter Schmidt and Brian Eno created the original pack of Oblique Strategies cards, through thinking about approaches to their own work as artist and musician. This app has all 5 editions of the cards contained and if a fun way to consider ways forward, especially in uncreative meetings!

The Oblique Strategies evolved from me being in a number of working situations when the panic of the situation – particularly in studios – tended to make me quickly forget that there were others ways of working and that there were tangential ways of attacking problems that were in many senses more interesting than the direct head-on approach. If you’re in a panic, you tend to take the head-on approach because it seems to be the one that’s going to yield the best results Of course, that often isn’t the case – it’s just the most obvious and – apparently – reliable method. The function of the Oblique Strategies was, initially, to serve as a series of prompts which said, “Don’t forget that you could adopt *this* attitude,” or “Don’t forget you could adopt *that* attitude.”

Bryan Eno interview extract here.

Calculator – It is good. Make sure you turn landscape though to get the full scientific calculator.
FiRe Field Recorder – brilliant tool. it turns the iPhone into a quality portable recording unit. from Audiofile engineering. it is a great tool. it gives you a live audio waveform as it records and the in build soundcloud support makes getting recordings onto the net extremely easy. (can you tell i am a fan?)

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Cooliris – a solid single function app. It searches for a term or a name on the internet, and displays all the photo’s/images it can find in a big wall style.
Opera Mini – a great browser for the internet, although it handles some things strangely, but a quick browser. works very well with my webmail for work.
WiFiFoFum – wanna find the details of the wifi available in your area? this hdoes it give you in depth details, and has a kinda radar finder screen which is v.cool
Pachube Datalogger – easy app to use. but very important. The datalogger loggs any data you give it in any categories you set up, cups of coffee, miles travelled, expenses spent. simple interface and also integrates effortlessly with the pachube website where you can gather and display the data in various interesting ways!

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Air Sharing – Brilliant little app from avatron. It turns you phone into a wireless hard disk, allowing you to drag any file to your iphone, and read it, on the move. It doesn’t offer version monitoring like drop box. But unlike dropbox has no size limits, also unlike dropbox, it puts the actual file on the phones memory. This small app allows you to take any document and put it on your phone from any computer. Brilliant and very handy Indeed.
Dropbox – Brilliant wee app similar to the one above with with one difference. The Dropbox system updates version in all your dropbox’s. First download the dropbox program to your desktop at home, your work computer, wherever you use a computer and need access to one file. Dropbox takes the file you drop into it, loads it to an internet server, from there it distributes the file into all your dropboxes. ensuring you always have the current version in every location. Brilliant!
Insurrection – Pete Rollins app, contains some of his parables. Constantly challenges and gets me thinking.
PS Mobile – The App version of Photoshop. I haven’t played with it enough to work out if I will keep it in the work section or not.