001 – iPhone Apps Page 1 – the essentials

apps are.
(top row, LtoR) Settings, Safari, Maps, Mail,
(second row LtoR) Camera, Calender, iPod, Bible,
(third row, LtoR) Tweetie, Amazon UK, RTM

(bottom row LtoR) Phone, Contacts Messages
so having had an iphone for a while now i thought i would have a brief series looking at the apps i use and why i still have them on my phone.

so if you will indulge me…
row one
Settings – lets you change everything about your phone, wifi, bluetooth, ringtone, setting for apps its all in here. Vital, absolutely vital.
Safari – browser works remarkably well with the phone and links well into maps and contacts. works really well
Maps – Maps from google. does what it says on the tin. works well as a basic sat nav. it gets you where you need to go.
Mail – hooked up to a web mail programme and works really well. I do not se e-mail from my phone often but this app does work very well though. I turn off the automatic checking of e-mail otherwise it checks every 15minutes, and that can drain battery life!

row two
Camera – not a great camera but vital for an impromptu snap.
Calender – hooks up excellently with my computers calender, and shared online calenders.
iPod – yeah it plays music too. quite well in actuality.
Bible – as a worker for a church this is very very handy. also means you ca usefully use your phone in church! very vital.

row three
Tweetie – for my money the best twitter client on the iPhone. Supports multiple accounts, and does it very well.
Amazon UK – very simple, but does a great job for those quick amazon searches/price comparisons.
Remember the Milk – this is the most expensive app i have. it is a fantastic to do list system which really helps me get things done. it e-mails you what you have to do and also gives you and on screen reminders of tasks at 9am every morning. It links nicely with the online version and just works very well. Plus when you pay, it gives you a lovely pro badge next to your user name.

Works well.
My intention is to do page two quickly to move beyond the standard apps!